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To create engagement, conversions and online revenue, it is critical to optimize the user experience to meet or exceed their expectations for a fast, reliable and secure web experience. With over 10 years experience in accelerating web applications we can support your challenge.




Your businesses face new security challenges, like an increase in DDoS attacks, evolving data protection and privacy legislation. This results in a growing need to better protect your online presence. We can guide you in right solutions to mitigate your risks.




Business Continuity should not keep you awake at night. Security becomes even more important in organization making use of remote users / work from home. We have the ability to help organizations overcome these challenges by stable hosting platforms and a managed SOC.


& Security 

Websites and platforms often do not have the desired speed abroad and the security of the online platform is a major challenge. We respond to these challenges by providing fast and secure solutions worldwide and relieving clients with the burden of hosting activities.

We offer over 15 years of experience in Cloud Performance Hosting and over these years we have created valuable partnerships with Akamai, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Virtuozzo to develop a broad range of services to meet your business goals as a partner.

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Kubernetes: unleash the full potential of your cloud infrastructure

Kubernetes has surged in popularity for the last couple of years, and not without reason. Kubernetes is able to unleash the full potential of cloud infrastructure, delivering high availability, automated scaling, and low maintenance. It's an open-source platform which can work in virtually every cloud and can be implemented in public, private or hybrid clouds. This sounds very exciting, but what exactly is Kubernetes, and how does it live up to these promises?


Hosting in China: how does it work?

It is really attractive to do business in China for European companies. The country has a rapid economic and social development. It’s a fact that GDP growth has averaged nearly 10 percent a year.

Where cloud hosting is already the standard in Europe and the United States, it’s not yet the case in China. Of course, China is known as the world largest e-commerce market and mobile payment landscape, but China has a huge delay in moving enterprises to the cloud.

More than 14 percent of corporates IT budget went to cloud in 2017, which is more than double the amount of that in 2013. The United States spends around 29 percent of the total IT budget in 2017, from 14 percent back in 2013.

But what if you want to start with hosting in the Chinese market? What does that take? Can one simply start to re-route the company's traffic? What about licenses? 


How to launch your business in China: the initial step to host your web portals

There’s no denying that with the current economic climate there is a big opportunity for Western organizations and companies to expand their business in the People’s Republic of China. There’s a huge potential of 400 million online consumers on this market. In this digital age, doing business shortens distances and ignores timezones as well as it opens the gates for new opportunities in the land of ‘Dragons’.


Changes in cybersecurity - 4 trends that you should be aware of

Cybersecurity is receiving more and more attention every day, which is a good thing. However, attackers are continuously changing their approach and looking for new ways to target organizations. With the start of the new year, we analyzed the current threat landscape and we can give a forecast and our opinion about the cybersecurity trends for 2019. 



Akamai protects web platforms against high volume DDOS and malware attacks and other malicious assaults. Performance Cloud is the Akamai partner in the Netherlands.


With Microsoft Azure Cloud we create flexibilty for applications at scale. Azure offers a complete and secure portfolio which can be easily integrated with your applications.


Virtuozzo offers a dedicated cloud platform, which is easy to use, easy for developers and easy to scale. It can also operate as cloud broker layer above other solutions.


The move into the cloud started with Amazon Web Services. Within our partnership we choose AWS for specific cloud services. AWS can be used for most applications stacks.