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Performance Cloud is the expert on the edge of applications and the proper security measures.


Businesses face new security challenges, like an increase in DDoS attacks, Malware and bots, evolving data protection and privacy legislation. This results in  a growing need to better protect your online presence. To achieve this we work togtether with our partners to provide security solutions to better protect your company infrastructure. Akamai is our main partner to support our security services.

We deliver the following Akamai security services:

  • Edge DNS - Protect your DNS infrastructure
  • Botmanager - Welcome and mitigate the right bots on your platform
  • APP & API protector (WAF) - Protect web apps and APIs from DDoS, bots, and OWASP Top 10 exploits
  • Professional Services - Managing your Akamai services by our specialists.

Want to know more about our Healtcheck? Read more (Dutch).

We also can support you we OWASP scan, Pen testing (3rd party) and communication and education about security awareness. 


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