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Performance via CDN

It is common knowledge that reduction in conversion rate occurs when the user has to wait 2 seconds or longer for a page to load. To create engagement, conversions and online revenue, it is critical to optimize performance for audiences to meet or exceed their expectations for a fast, reliable and secure web experience. Stop losing customers and accelerate your website and business applications on any device, anywhere. We can optimize performance globally using our partner Akamai, including China.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network is a highly-distributed platform of servers optimized to deliver content including web applications and streaming media. This network of servers is dispersed across many physical and network locations. In order to respond directly to end user requests for web content and fast, secure media delivery. It acts as an intermediary between a content server, also known as the origin, and its end users or clients. CDNs carry a significant portion of the world’s Internet traffic. They are ubiquitous in presence and mitigate the toughest challenges of delivering content over the Internet. The best CDNs make your business more agile, and seamlessly fit into a DevOps workflow. In specific terms, CDN technology should provide the following primary benefits to a business.


Availability through CDN

Availability means that content remains accessible to end users under high-stress situations such as excessive user traffic, intermittent spikes, and potential server outages. When traffic loads peak at millions of requests per second, even the most powerful origin servers would be put to the test. Without a CDN, all this traffic has to be absorbed by a content provider’s origin infrastructure. This can cause the origin to fail, resulting in a terrible end user experience and lost business. That’s when CDNs, with their massively distributed server infrastructure, are of immense value. Advanced CDNs, with their highly distributed architecture and massive server platforms can absorb tens of TBps of traffic and make it possible for content providers to stay available to larger user bases than otherwise possible.

Benefits of Content Delivery

  • 100% uptime SLA
  • We have international scope, including the performance improvement in China.
  • Performance Cloud has more than 15 years’ experience of being an integrator for CDN services.
  • Our certified engineers have many years practical experience for not only the technical perspective but also integrating with digital marketing and business perspectives. 
  • Our goal is to achieve a reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) for performance and security services by automating as much as possible.


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